Creating custom cakes is our forte!

Our Butter Cream Queen loves getting her creative sugars flowing and coming up with incredible designs that will leave you looking like the next trend setter.Now off course, we do have some limitations due to the enormous amount of enquiries we get.

If custom is the way you want to go, have a quick read below, check out our standard cake range and this should give you an idea of what we can and cannot do.

Although we can offer a custom design that better suits your special occasion, we will always ensure that this represents a little Khaos.

Our signature looks and designs are all original and we will never directly copy another Cakery’s work of art.  

  •  - We can customise the icing and drip outside of our standard range.
  •  - We can add a custom edible image to your cake
  •  - We can add your figurines, toys, and toppers that you wish to supply to fit your custom design. (These must be delivered to our Howick or Epsom site a minimum of 2 days prior)
  •  - We can also add additional macarons, flowers, and special requested items within limitation.

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