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Nerds vs sours. Bringing back all of those memories being a tough guy with some seriously sour treats.
Plenty of nerds to get anyone excited and combine that with some of the best sour lollies a kid can get
their hands on.
This cake is made up of three layers of cake and filling.
Covered in our signature pink vanilla buttercream and teal Whittakers white chocolate ganache drip.
Decorated with the best of the best including those crazy dips which seriously make your tongue pop.
And lets not forget the ocean of rainbow nerds around the base.

Want to choose another colour for the cake and the drip? Please leave a note in the special instructions
letting us know the colour combination you would like.

The cake that is pictured is an 8 inch cake.

All cakes are custom made and will look similar, but may differ slightly to this image, as no two cakes are

Want to make your cake stand out? Why not add on a customised cake topper!
Choose from the option menu.

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